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It feels like im walking on broken glass, Every time i see you cry...

26 February
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Credit for this friends only banner goes to cordial

First of all you see that chick up there? O.o shes hot! and her names amy lee if u didnt know that. look its kurby!! ==> (>**)> well the basics hmm... well im 17 and i live in florida. i abloutly love Cats! and i think Amy Lee is the hottest/Sexiest girl in the whole freakin world.... but thats just me. -.o my favorite cartoon is FLCL. O.O i listen to any kind of rock. you name it ive heard it.... at least i think?! i like to write poems once in a blue moon *when im beond depressed* -.- i dont think my poems are good but it dosnt stop me. ive droped out of highschool after being in it for 3 full years and failed once it would have been my second time but i droped out on the last day. im getting my GED, going to ged class's at northeast highschool. Im semi in a band im the singer. were just starting out O_O i dont sing high, i dont sing low, im in the middle. i stick up for my friends, id fight for them till death. im BiSexual and if your gonna criticise me about that or put me down than Fuck Off it my sexuality and i dont care that u dont like it so dont tell me that.

ok more about FlCl BEST ANIME show EVER!!! only 6 episodes though. i actually read the book before i watched the show. i am addicted to that show. "Kitty,Kitty...MeOw. XD lol that show if Fucked up though. lol but it kicks so much ass!! the robot above is called Canti he never talks i guess he cant hes so cool i love Niatoa if im miss spelling their names oh well i cant spell. lol. O.o Niatoa's always having strange shit comming out of his head it was very confusing at first but i get it all now. ^_^ its hard to describe if u watched it you would know what i mean. just remember the first time you watched it. i had to watch it a second time when i first watched it to semi understand it. but its all good now. lol anyways FLCL KICKS ASS!!!! ^_^